Super Mario Bros: The Movie

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Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Post by Epic DaVinci »

Well, least week, my wife and i went to watch the new Mario movie while it was still in its twilight days at the cniema,
I had a grin on my face from start to finish, we both really enjoyed it.

It has so many references to the franchise, i will need to watch it again on a streaming service so that i may keep pausing it to spot stuff.
The "professional" film critics have gove it poor scores, well i dont know what is going on in their life so that they hate fun but not everything has to have deep story, complex character arcs and redemtpion plots, some films can have gaping plot holes and shallow characters, but as long as they are fun to watch then they suceed as a form of entertainment.

If you havent seen it already, it's out soon on physical and streaming media of your choice, Highly recommended if you like the mario franchise.
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Re: Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Post by LunarLoony »

I enjoyed that the designers had clearly done their research, and have put together a proper love letter to the franchise. Looking forward to grabbing it on Blu-ray, then I can do what you suggest and keep pausing it every 5 seconds to spot everything! :lol:
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