Mailorder Jokes

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Mailorder Jokes

Post by JonnyPencils »

I was a Beano kid growing up and was obsessed with stink bombs, itching powder, whoopee cushions etc! I had a little cabinet all decked out with sections for all my jokes and tricks - great days.

Anyway, this story reminded me of those times and I'm so happy to see it still going - I think this place was one of many I used to get mailorder catalogues from. In today's world of gadgets and social media to see this shop still serving the mischievous youth (and not so youthful) of today is heart warming indeed.
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Re: Mailorder Jokes

Post by LunarLoony »

This place looks fab! Hull, as well - not exactly on my doorstep, but might be worth a visit sometime.

I remember getting quite a few joke items when I used to get the Dandy, but the one that sticks in my memory the most was this weird rubber tongue they gave you. It was... strange.

Don't think I've seen a proper whoopee cushion for years! I seem to recall they put them in Christmas crackers at some point. :whatif:
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